Privacy Policy :

Our privacy policy informs all users about how the store deals with the data it needs from users, how it uses that data, and how it maintains that data to ensure its complete safety and security. It also includes important clauses that ensure the rights of all parties involved in the store. Our privacy policy page includes the following :

A- The data we need when you register with the store

1- We need some personal information in order for you to register with the store, such as your full name, email address, mobile number, and password .

2- We may ask you for additional personal information in case of :

A- Offering marketing offers for some important products for you .

B- Contacting us through our contact page .

C- Dealing with the store for purchasing purposes .

3- We may ask for any other data if necessary .

B- Our use of personal data collected from you :

1- To know your needs and work on meeting those needs .

2- To notify you of any changes or modifications made to the store .

3- To display some products that we believe are suitable for you and that you may wish to purchase .

4- To communicate with you .

5- For any other reasons we need to use your personal data .

C- Parties that may access your personal data :

1- Third parties who collaborate with us may have access to your personal data. For example, shipping companies as third parties may have access to this data in order to deliver the product you purchased to the location you want it delivered to. Also, marketing companies may access your data in order to offer suitable products and offers for you.

2- We may use your data to offer marketing offers, products, and goods that you may want to purchase .

3- In order to protect your personal data, we may provide other parties with protection of your data or provide judicial authorities with access to your personal data for their own reasons .

D- Responsibility for protecting your personal data :

The responsibility for maintaining the safety of your personal data lies with our store, and we use all procedures that provide the best protection for your personal data .

E- How the user can maintain their data in the store :

In order for the user to maintain their personal data safely in our store, they should not provide sensitive information about their account in our store to anyone else so as not to cause any harm .

F- Our Store's Rights :

Our store has the full right to make modifications or changes to the privacy policy page at any time if the store's management deems it necessary. We will try to send notifications to users to inform them of any modifications or changes made .

Terms and Conditions of the Store :

Our terms and conditions page informs users of the store's terms and conditions so that users can follow these terms and avoid violating them .

Violating the store's terms and conditions may result in the user being banned from using the store .

The user of the store is committed to the following :

1- To maintain the safety of the store from any harm and not to do anything that may cause any harm to our store .

2- To inform us immediately in case something threatens their account in our store or in case their password is disclosed by someone else .

3- To provide all the guarantees requested by our store in order to create a merchant account .

4- Our store management may make modifications or changes to some of the terms on our terms and conditions page at any time if deemed necessary .

5- All parties are committed to resolving any problem that occurs in the store through friendly means, and if the problem is not resolved through friendly means, then the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be used to resolve that problem .

6- No one who does not agree with our store's terms and conditions has the right to use the store or its services .

7- Our store is not responsible for any harm caused to any user as a result of reasons beyond our control, such as store malfunctions or fraudulent activity by another user .

Copyright and intellectual property rights of the store

All types of content, services, and everything in Al-Ittihad Store are owned solely by it, and it is not permissible for any person, institution, website, store, or application to violate its rights, copy or paste its services, use them, or reuse them again because anyone who does so exposes themselves to legal action by the store management.